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Henry Clausen

I am a PhD-graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I work as a data scientist for Cloudflare where I build API security systems, and my areas of interest include deep learning, data science, as well as vulnerability and intrusion detection. In my freetime, I like to challenge myself physically in sports such as Jiu-Jitsu, sailing, or running. My passion is electronic music, where I attempt to find my own style.

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Work Experience

• I work as a data scientist for Cloudflare in London where I build security models to protect APIs

• After finishing my PhD, I conducted a short-term project for the Alan Turing Institute in London where I investigate security risks if cyber-log data falls in the hands of adversaries, and how to produce effectively anonymised datasets.

• I have conducted a research placement in the BT labs, where I investigate scalable solutions for proxy-detection in the wild.

• I was advising OLZ & Partners as a technical consultant in 2016, where I implemented and compared portfolio optimization algorithms for complex constraints.


• I did my PhD in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, where I was supervised by David Aspinall. I was part of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS) and the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation (ANC).

• I received a sponsorship from British Telecom, where I collaborated with the Future Cyber Defence lab under Alex Healing's supervision.

• I received my M.Sc. in Statistics from Imperial College London in 2017.

• I received an M.Sc. and a B.Sc.in Physics from ETH Zurich in 2016 and 2013.

Computer Skills

• I implemented the R-C++-library MMPPsampler, which can be downloaded via R-CRAN.

• I analyse data and implement models mainly with Python using Pandas, PyTorch and SKlearn. The most beautiful plots are in my opinion created with ggplot2.

• More specialised tools I use are Spark for large data processing, Docker for creating network communication scenarios, Scapy for processing network traffic, and Kali-Linux for attack analysis.


German is my mother tongue.

• I am fluent in English.

• Mi español esta mejorando.

• Je parle un peu français.

You can also download my full CV.